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Alvin Lucier – Illuminated By The Moon

Though he may not exactly be a household name Alvin Lucier can lay claim to being one of the most important composers to emerge from the United States Of America in the last 100 years. Works such as I Am Sitting In A Room and Music On A Long Thin Wire were great leaps forward for the worlds of sound art, drone and minimalist composition when they first emerged. Back in 2016, Lucier’s 85th birthday was celebrated with a festival held at Zurich’s University Of The Arts. Illuminated By The Moon collects performances from the festival by artists including Stephen O’Malley, Joan La Barbara, Oren Ambarchi and the man himself. The boxset runs to four vinyl and also includes a beautiful 120-page book.

Illuminated By The Moon
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Various Artists – The Voyager Golden Record

Truly stunning LP/document of 'The Voyager Golden Record', a replica of the phonograph records that were attached to the 1977 NASA spacecraft, Voyager 1 and 2. Each record contained a message for any extraterrestrial intelligence...

Despite the fact that it is obviously a very lavish spectacle to behold, The Voyager Golden Record is also an important audio archive document of a time some 40 odd years who when NASA cut some wax with recorded messages on for possible extra-terrestrials with whom the Voyager 1 and 2 spaceships could possibly link up with (if they had a record deck mind!).

The Voyager Golden Record
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Dabrye – Box Set

Dabrye's seventeen years in the making game-changing /Three trilogy made available in a highly collectible boxset, designed by Michael Cinavia and released via Ghostly this February.

Landing with freshly cut vinyl reissues of all three Dabrye albums - One/Three, Two/Three, and Instrmntl. Plus the long-awaited Three/Three. Each record further expands on Dabrye's unique blend of American and British dance music, hip-hop sampling, and Jamaican sound clash energy

Box Set

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