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A new album from DJ Koze is always a good thing to receive, and Knock Knock once again shows our man moving outside of any particular trend or influence. But don't take that as a sign that this is Koze bedding down into some sort of experimental mode - Knock Knock is disco, soul and techno, and though it may sound familiar, it never does what your brain thinks it's going to do.

What makes Knock Knock a true success is the ease at which it carries itself between the different styles and sounds he is famed for championing. In an instant, we move from hip-hop to electronica via house and then back again with all the smooth transitioning of one on his famed DJ sets. These subtle changes in mood ensure the album's vibe carries itself with a relaxed sensibility that it is truly easy to lose oneself in the many tranquil moments of.

While there are many artists who have keenly turned up at Koze's door to Knock Knock (sorry) for us the best tracks are when Koze is locked into a solo studio mission. His called on crew of Speech of Arrested Development, José Gonzalez, Mano Le Tough and Sophia Kennedy have all added their own sparkly corners to the records raw edges, but without a doubt, it's Koze's solo straight up 90s leaning house bangers that are the real deal. Nostalgic? Aye, but when you are this good at what you do we can’t find any argument with that.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Club der Ewigkeiten 4:09 DJ Koze Buy
  2. 2 Bonfire 5:25 DJ Koze Buy
  3. 3 Moving in a Liquid 4:40 DJ Koze feat. Eddie Fummler Buy
  4. 4 Colors of Autumn 4:24 DJ Koze feat. Speech of the group Arrested Development Speech Buy
  5. 5 Music on My Teeth 4:16 DJ Koze feat. José Gonzalez Buy
  6. 6 This Is My Rock 3:59 DJ Koze feat. Sophia Kennedy Buy
  7. 7 Illumination 4:31 DJ Koze feat. Róisín Murphy Buy
  8. 8 Pick Up 6:38 DJ Koze Buy
  9. 9 Planet Hase 5:11 DJ Koze feat. Mano Le Tough Buy
  10. 10 Scratch That 4:36 DJ Koze feat. Róisín Murphy Buy
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