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Hot Chip – A Bath Full of Ecstasy

A Bath Full Of Ecstasy’s closest compatriot in Hot Chip’s roster is In Our Heads, another record that put the band’s love of golden-age house front and centre. As it was on the 2012 LP, many of the tracks on the band’s seventh album are anchored on sturdy four-to-the-floor grooves. Musically, Hot Chip are taking cues from In Our Heads’ open-hearted and chest-swelling moments - think ‘Flutes’, ‘Don’t Deny Your Heart’ and ‘Let Me Be Him’. Honed by producers Philippe Zdar (Beastie Boys, Phoenix) and Rodaidh McDonald (The xx, David Byrne), A Bath Full Of Ecstasy sounds like a blur of lovely memories, all of the best bits of your life clumped together in a dreamy fug and sung back to you in Alexis Taylor’s tender tenor.

A Bath Full of Ecstasy


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