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Yosa Peit
Gut Buster
Fire Records
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April 26, 2024

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Press Release

On Gut Buster, Yosa Peit spawns fleshy sonic escapades, a swarm of vigorously processed vocals and soulful bass, set to a backdrop of visceral percussive structures. Full of roguish curiosity, the record is cast with an air of lo-fi experimentation, but with a platinum glint of pop sensibility. Peit’s second album grapples with the destructive force of modern consumption, Gut Buster is an anti-capitalist battle cry that syntheses intimacy and hostility; a surrealist-punk affirmation and a testament to Peit’s singular vision and unique approach.

The free-ranging sound of Yosa Peit recalls the intense arrangements of a cyber-era Prince with the surrealist tones of Arthur Russell and early Björk. At the album’s core, “World Eaters” unleashes scorching guitars in search of humankind’s end, “I was born on a planet, I got hungry and I ate it.”

Even in the face of planetary doom and personal obstacles, Yosa evokes our propensity for mischief, humor and pleasure. “bb moon” processes sound solely from her bass into wicked oblivion. “CALL ME,” a song about friendship, chews up it’s anthemic melody into a gnarled strut worthy of an A$AP Rocky production, while “HAD3S” urges us to find balance, nodding to the mystical fuzz of Prince. Yosa’s work has been called “personal, punk, poignant, deep” yet her genre-defying production, as textured as it is catchy, escapes definition.

Gut Buster takes that collective playground for creation to planetary reaches, congregating friends from Berlin, Cologne, and New York’s fuzzy musical underbelly: Employee, Funkycan, Gerry Franke, Glenn Astro, Nauker, Paingel, Tbz, and UCC Harlo. The record was mixed by Brainfeeder affiliate Benjamin Vukelic in Portland and Jan Brauer in Berlin.

“Glitchy yet supple, the broken beats and warped abstractions are wholly unpredictable yet deliciously odd, like an esoteric mashup of Bjork, Aphex and Laurie Anderson” Electronic Sound

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Twixx 2:39
  2. 2 HAD3S 4:01
  3. 3 TOWER FLOWER 4:05
  4. 4 DNUORA KOOL 1:17
  5. 5 SHELLY 2:38
  6. 6 CALL ME 3:12
  7. 7 WORLD EATERS 2:05
  8. 8 AOL SLYT 1:32
  9. 9 bb moon 1:59
  10. 10 NBP 0:21
  11. 11 ALMA 0:43
  12. 12 PORTIMAO 2:59
  13. 13 LOOK AROUND 1:24
  14. 14 PEPPER PLANE 2:12
  15. 15 GUT IS GOD (Gate Of Discord) 4:06

Yosa Peit

Fire Records

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