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Welcome to the Bleep Weekly Roundup, our guide to the best new releases and warehouse arrivals.

Our release of the week is from Sandwell District, the collective formed by Female, Function, Silent Servant and Regis, not finished with their revival just yet following a 2023 edition of their landmark album Feed Forward. WHERE NEXT ? picks up the thread, collecting tracks released by the collective’s core artists as well as some unreleased bangers lurking in the album’s mist playing out that contrast between the depths of rumbling sub bass and the treble of crisp snaps and claps, minimal in palette yet maximally tearing up the dancefloor.

Elsewhere this week: Laetitia Sadier’s first solo album proper since 2014 from the Stereolab founding member is a dazzling display of vocal and instrumental versatility. Theoretical, philosophical, and political lyrics never feel too heady as she weaves them into pop structures and nonlinear musings on potential and the chaotic state of becoming.

Lone returns with an ecstatically rejuvenating EP. After working with vocalist Morgane Diet on Always Inside Your Head, he nets another first on ‘Waterfall Reverse’ by chopping up his own vocals, plunged into the frothy foaming waters of breakbeat stutters and idyllic glistening chimes while classic house pianos echo into the mist.

Mute continues their fruitful review of the bountiful Can live vault with this latest instalment: LIVE IN PARIS 1973, particularly special in that it’s the first in the series to feature Damo Suzuki, capturing one of the legendary vocalist’s final gigs with the band, this unearthed recording marks a crucial breaking point in the Cologne band's storied history.

Our download of the week is from John Glacier now signed to Young and expanding her selection of producers and sounds as well as including a collab with Eartheater. Scuzzy, amplified post-punk guitars and stutters abound in the varied production from Flume, Kwes Darko, and previous collaborator Vegyn showing Glacier’s nonchalant, unstoppable flow to be at home on any instrumental she chooses.

Our Bleep Mix this week is from UFO95 leading up to his debut Tresor release Backward Improvement with a selection of ultra forward motion and cavernous four to the floor thumps.


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