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Welcome to the Bleep Weekly Roundup, our guide to the best new releases and warehouse arrivals.

Our release of the week is from Scottish and Danish composer Clarissa Connelly making her debut on Warp Records with World of Work. The album explores themes of acceptance and growth by creating a sonic embroidery: a powerful testimony of her production abilities coming together as a dream-like synthesis of Nordic folk song, Celtic myth, medieval grimoires, modern pop music, as well as experimental composition and studio practices, exploring the sacred and the profane with the guidance of 20th-century French philosopher Georges Bataille.

Elsewhere this week:

From Central Processing Unit comes an elusive and Bleep exclusive new album, released by an anonymous artist whose debut for the label is preceded by records for Ninja Tune and Planet Mu. As CPU’s recent expansions into further electronic palettes, this is not your standard electro affair: steel slices breaks into busied fragments, while angular jazz notes trickle into guttural, overdriven beats, offset by gargantuan bass wobbles and squeaky bubblegum synth melodies.

With its tenth instalment, the Ilian Skee Series gets a generous double EP release in a classic club and dub framework where hazy synths and extroverted drum machines abound with Skee Mask's signature depth and creativity written all over the four to the floor.

Debuting on De:tuned with their fifth full length record, Morphology delve into even more complex and intricate musical structures with Fractures’ dense rhythms smash electro, techno, and acid beats into energetic layers, pummelling craters into the underlying ambience.

Our download of the week is the remastered edition of The Black Dog's Silenced which saw Ken Downie returning to Dust Science in 2005 alongside label founders Martin and Richard Dust for a stunning and diverse album of mood-rich techno.


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