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Bleep Mix #105 - Electric Indigo

Electric Indigo began to work with music in 1989 in Vienna and then Berlin in the early 90s, playing regularly at the best original techno parties of the early days like E-Werk, Tresor, Ultraschall and Flex, between Berlin, Germany and Austria as well as working behind the counter at Hard Wax. Electric Indigo is also the founder of female:pressure, the international platform for female, transgender and non-binary DJs, producers and artists involved in electronic music and digital arts since 1998. Her latest album on Editions Mego “Ferrum” contorts typical techno sounds into strange new shapes with jerky anti-rhythms and outer-world textures coming off like a classic Ostgut Ton joint being given a going-over by Rian Treanor. Other tracks etherise, leaving the dancefloor behind for electroacoustic territory. Ferrum is another fascinating and eerie record from Electric Indigo. Here we see her contextualise this dynamic palette stitching together a wide range of techno styles from Houndstooth, Livity Sound, Editions Mego, Them, Nyege Nyege Tapes etc amongst her own unique productions.


01. Electric Indigo - Ferrum 6 [Editions Mego 271]
02. Endplate - They Call It A Mine [Warm Up 60d]
03. Aïsha Devi - Two Serpents [Houndstooth 109]
04. Modeselektor feat. Flohio - Wealth / Sarah Farina Remix [Monkeytown 107]
05. Pursuit Grooves - Hair Raising [What Rules 0013]
06. SØS Gunver Ryberg - Quantum Skull [Avian 037]
07. Slikback - Rage / Hyph11E Remix [SVBKVLT 030]
08. Electric Indigo - Masome A Robedi [MEAT 012]
09. Walton - Smashed Crabs [Tectonic 110]
10. GIL - Swallow Ash [Danse Noire 015]
11. Electric Indigo - Ferrum 3 [Editions Mego 271]
12. DJ Diaki - Show Time Mix [Nyege Nyege Tapes 019]
13. Kouslin - The Beast of Bolsover [Livity Sound 038]
14. Pita - Frozen Jumper [Editions Mego 269]
15. Electric Indigo - Ferrum 4 [Editions Mego 271]
16. Anastasia Vronski - Momentum [Musica Dispersa, Women in Experimental 01]
17. Tommy Four Seven - Neuromorph / SØS Gunver Ryberg Remix [47 023]
18. Ziúr - Catch Me Never [Planet Mu ZIQ415]
19. Scalameriya - Hyperdrift [Them 013]
20. Pursuit Grooves - Checkerboard Airdrome (intro) Chicago, 1922 [What Rules 0013]
21. Syrte - Sensitive Dependence On Initial Conditions [Science Cult AS1]
22. Lady Starlight - Green [Noventa 002]
23. Electric Indigo - Ferrum 7 [Editions Mego 271]

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