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Bleep Mix #255 - Red Axes

Bleep Mix #255 is a storming selection from eclectic Tel Aviv duo Red Axes built around a seamless club focused approach. Peppered by breakbeat vamps throughout and highlighted with various angles of electro from the year zero 2000s clash of Chicks On Speed to ROTCIV's recent worship of classic 80s claps and culminating in the one and only DMX Krew always keeping it frrressssh with their eternal take on the 808s - "Flipping and bleeping into this little trip inside a club."


1. Jeremy Greenspan – Drums&Drums&Drums
2. Chicks On Speed – Euro Trash Girl
3. Laverne Radix - Dick Control
4. edit 
5. TwO (II - Dynamic Human Spirit
6. Autarkic - 38 °C 
7. Demi Riquisimo - Point One (Gallegos Remix) 
8. Red Axes feat Justin Strauss ??
9. ROTCIV - Please The Algorithm 
10. Axes X Smagghe - What Cat
11. Red Axes - The Phone Call  
12. DJ Sossa - Love Song 
13. ??
14. ??
15. DMX Krew - CJ Vibe
16. Chronic Sounds - Evelin's Basement (Environmental Mix)

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