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Bleep Mix #245 - Nite Fleit

"First mix I've done in almost a year, recorded on an apocalyptic night in London between two of the hottest days on record... Coincidence? Featuring tracks by and with friends, some of my favourites atm and a few released, unreleased and forthcoming tracks of mine." - Nite Fleit


False Persona - Brighter Days (Dexorcist Remix)
Nite Fleit & CYRK - Navel Gaze
Kittin - Hacker - Soyuz
young lychee - Trust Issues
Kronos Device - Machine Breed
Dagga x Manao - La 4Ta (Viikatory Remix)
Nite Fleit - ?¿?¿?¿?¿
Nite Fleit - Tiny World Of Terror
Nite Fleit - The Flower Dance
Ravn Jonassen & CYRK - Konstruktive Interferenz
Nite Fleit - Double Digits
Jensen Interceptor & CYRK - Metawave
Scalameriya - Kepslok
Umwelt - Light Chaser
CLTX - Reckless Behaviour
Umwelt - Codebreaker
Dynamix II - Get Out Of My Mind
Dagga - I'm Automatic
Hermeth - Brian's Back
dynArec - Ports Of Innocence

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