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Bleep Mix #167 - Teeth Agency

Having been quietly honing their craft for years, Teeth Agency certainly come off as one of Stones Throw’s more off-kilter acquisitions in quite some time. Their Bleep mix is an unapologetic celebration of their bizarro avant-pop synth outbursts, which frequently sound like something John Carpenter might cobble together if R. Stevie Moore hired him for his backing band; the duo offer a taster of their debut proper You Don’t Have To Live in Pain alongside a slew of unreleased and self-released gems, broken up by some like-minded lo-fi electronic productions from Ennanga Vision, Metal Preyers and Jesse Hackett himself.

"This one hour all original mix is made up of songs from our forthcoming debut album on Stones Throw "You Don’t Have To Live In Pain”, plus other unreleased material from the Teeth Agency archives. Expect closet jazz, lizard lounge porn horn anthems, chucky terror visions and more. Prepare to sink your teeth into this exotic toxic milk udder shake… Also, expect tender father daughter duos from Jesse and his miracle six year old child singing prodigy Wonder Nyasha Hackett!" - Teeth Agency


  1. Teeth Agency - Queen Of The Night - Stones Throw
  2. Teeth Agency - Jesse / Eska Games - Stones Throw
  3. Teeth Agency - Clean New Old Me - Stones Throw
  4. Teeth Agency - Lovely Person ft. Wonder - unreleased
  5. Metal Preyers - 432+ - Nyege Nyege Tapes
  6. Metal Preyers - Peppa - Nyege Nyege Tapes
  7. Teeth Agency - Cherry Blossom Child - unreleased
  8. Teeth Agency - Apegi Fish - unreleased
  9. Blludd Relations - 13th Key - unreleased
  10. Teeth Agency - Johnny Mermaid - self-released
  11. Ennanga Vision - Killing Ghosts - Sound Way Records
  12. Teeth Agency - Take Me Down - self-released
  13. Ennanga Vision - Otims War - Sound Way Records
  14. Jesse Hackett - Closet Jazz - Stones Throw
  15. Teeth Agency - Outside The Other Side - self-released
  16. Teeth Agency - Weird Tranz - self-released
  17. Teeth Agency - The Passage - self-released
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