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The Brainfeeder record label was started by Flying Lotus in 2008 drawing on LA’s underground beat scene, the early releases have established a new sound at the intersection of hip hop and electronica. Now they are going international, putting in place a distribution deal which means their records will be available to more than just a few aficionados.

Flying Lotus had a very simple reason for starting Brainfeeder. “When I first started out, I was lucky enough to have great people take me under their wing and point me in the right direction. I'll never forget it, and I try to do my best to do the same for people I believe in. I know that what my peers and I are doing is really important, and I feel the music we've created is something that speaks to a new generation, so it’s our responsibility to nurture and guide this movement we started.”

With a roster incorporating buzz names such as Lorn, Samiyam and The Gaslamp Killer and with the next release for the label being a mini-album from Daedelus, the movement is taking shape. “Daedelus was one of the first people I met in the LA scene, he hardly knew me or my sound at all and invited me into his home and shared stories and music with me when I was trying to find my way out here. He's been such a great and inspiring friend ever since. I feel like with this album we're close to coming full circle.”

Following that up will be albums from Lorn (“a dark and brooding electronic record that I really think will surprise people”), a label compilation, plus “Sam[iyam] is saying he's close to finished. And I know GLK is working on his album, he's sounding super excited to be able to get some time in the studio, if he can ever stop DJing.”


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