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Laurent Garnier
33 Tours Et Puis S’en Vont
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May 26, 2023


A lot has changed in the world of electronic music in the time since we last heard from Laurent Garnier. Micro-genres and trends have come and gone, the popularity of the club as a concept waxed and waned, what is and isn’t techno furiously debated, but still the legendary Frenchman has (mostly) kept himself under the radar. Aside from a scattering of singles and a very robust box set of early tracks, 2015 feels like the last time we truly heard from Garnier, as it's when he last issued a solo LP. Suffice to say that the 8 year gap has grown, in a word, cumbersome. Clearly sensing our collective thirst for new material, Garnier has opened up the proverbial floodgates and blessed the world with something grand: a 19 track opus that touches on nearly every strand of electronic music he’s ever wrapped his brain around entitled 33 Tours Et Puis S'en Vont.

Despite the mammoth track and genre agnosticism, Garnier guides the contours and curves of 33 Tours Et Puis S'en Vont with grace. There’s a emotional through line between the serene acidic electro of ‘Liebe Grüße Aus Cucuron’, the skyward trance of ‘Sake stars fever’, and the detuned rave of ‘Au clair de ta lune’. With detours into grime inflected hardcore, broken beat, and drum and bass rubbing elbows with thrilling guests like the late Suicide vocalist Alan Vega, 33 Tours Et Puis S'en Vont is an ambitious tour de force.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Tales from The Real World 10:57 Buy

    Tales from The Real World

  2. 2 Liebe Grüße aus Cucuron 10:23 Buy

    Liebe Grüße aus Cucuron

  3. 3 Let the People Faire la Fête 9:31 Buy

    Let the People Faire la Fête

  4. 4 In Your Phase 8:11 Buy
  5. 5 Reviens la Nuit 14:09 Buy

    Reviens la Nuit

  6. 6 Give Me Some Sulfites 10:11 Buy

    Give Me Some Sulfites

  7. 7 Saturn Drive Triplex 9:43 Buy

    Saturn Drive Triplex

  8. 8 Cinq o clock in le Matin 8:41 Buy

    Cinq o clock in le Matin

  9. 9 Sado Miso 6:45 Buy
  10. 10 Au Clair de ta Lune 11:05 Buy

    Au Clair de ta Lune

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Track List

3LP Tracklist:

  1. A1. Tales from the real world (version instrumentale)
  2. A2. Liebe grüße aus Cucuron
  3. B1. Reviens la nuit (DJ Edit)
  4. B2. On the REcorD (part 3)
  5. C1. Saturn drive duplex [Feat. Alan Vega]
  6. C2. Closer to you [Feat. Scan X]
  7. D1. Sake stars fever
  8. D2. Cinq o clock in le matin
  9. E1. In your phase [Feat. 22Carbone]
  10. E2. Give me some sulfites
  11. F1. Au clair de ta lune
  12. F2. Granulator Bordelum

CD Tracklist:

  1. Tales from the real world [Feat. Alan Watts] (vocal version)
  2. Liebe grüße aus Cucuron
  3. In your phase [Feat. 22Carbone]
  4. Reviens la nuit (original mix)
  5. Saturn Drive Triplex [Feat. Alan Vega]
  6. Sado miso
  7. Au clair de ta lune
  8. Sake stars fever
  9. Multiple tributes (to multiple people, for multiple reasons)
  10. …et puis s’en va!

7" Tracklist:

A. In your phase (Feat. 22Carbone) 22Carbone Remix B. Saturn drive triplex (Feat. Alan Vega) Liminanas Remix

C90 Mixtape (Includes How d’ya like your beef, Crispy Bacon remix)

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