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Having kept quiet for the past couple of years, Leon Vynehall breaks his silence by signing to Ninja Tune and delivering his long-awaited debut album Nothing Is Still.

Nothing Is Still sees Vynehall expanding his production into much broader areas than ever before. Inspired by and dedicated to his grandparents, Nothing Is Still is described by Ninja as "a record that sees him digging deeper into the family history that has always inspired his most iconic tracks, whilst returning to his own musical roots". Accompanying the LP is a short Novella written by Leon & his friend of which the audio forms a sonic representation of.

Opener From The Sea/It Looms (Chapters I & II) starts things off with the same butterfly antics of his 3024 double pack by laying the albums foundations with some seriously epic string arrangements and a hoover bassline turned inside out. The laid-back vibe continues onto Movements (Chapter III) where the influence of funk, soul and hip-hop shines strong. It isn't until English Oak (Chapter VII) that we get into the swing of Leon's usual house sound, yet the album is all the more strong for this aspect. Making use of a trip-hop sensibility to show that as well as being able to bang out piano-house rollers with the very best of them, Leon Vynehall can create music that is just as well attuned to the needs of those looking to get lost inside their headphones, not just on the dancefloor.

While we won't give the game away too early, Nothing Is Still on first listen really picks up the baton left by Leon Vynehall's much-loved EPs Rojus (Designed To Dance) and of course, Music For The Uninvited. Yet the pulse of Nothing Is Still has been streamlined to a continuous near perfect flow of mood and emotion. Nothing Is Still is as euphorically uplifting as it is trance-inducing.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 From The Sea/It Looms (Chapters I & II) Leon Vynehall 6:19 Buy
  2. 2 Movements (Chapter III) Leon Vynehall 3:51 Buy
  3. 3 Birds On The Tarmac (Footnote III) Leon Vynehall 1:17 Buy
  4. 4 Julia (Footnote IV) Leon Vynehall 2:25 Buy
  5. 5 Drinking It In Again (Chapter IV) Leon Vynehall 3:46 Buy
  6. 6 Trouble - Parts I, II, & III (Chapter V) Leon Vynehall 5:42 Buy
  7. 7 Envelopes (Chapter VI) Leon Vynehall 5:29 Buy
  8. 8 English Oak (Chapter VII) Leon Vynehall 4:26 Buy
  9. 9 Ice Cream (Chapter VIII) Leon Vynehall 4:50 Buy
  10. 10 It Breaks (Chapter IX) Leon Vynehall 2:17 Buy

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