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Autechre / The Hafler Trio
Vinyl on Demand
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June 23, 2023
  • Vinyl Boxset 7×LP

    Pre-order $174.99
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    • Limited to 500
    • Remastered
    • 180g DMM vinyl
    • New black artwork by Andrew McKenzie of The Hafler Trio
    • Spot varnished sleeves and box
    • Art prints in black envelope

    Estimated release date: June 23, 2023

Pre-order Information

Please note that pre-order release dates are estimates based on the latest information we have from our suppliers. Changes or delays are possible.


what were they? oh, sit down here, and I'll tell you. long, long ago, there were pieces of shiny matter which issued forth in an erratic manner over many aeons. and what is this? why, it's a box. and what's in the box? well, those small shiny things are now larger shiny black things. and what use are they? well, none, but you can get sounds out of them, if you treat them nicely. really? yes, really. the miracles of modern science.

all (yes, all) of the Autechre/Hafler Trio collaborations topped and tailed and groomed and lacquered and fizzed and popped onto 7 Long-Playing Stereo Microgroove Records, in a box, for purchase, by you. or someone you don't know. either is a reasonable situation.

Boxset contents

Lp01. æ³o / h³æ
Lp02. æo³
Lp03 ³hæ
Lp04/5 5ah³eo
Lp06/7 ha³oe

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