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Your Face
Venetian Snares
Your Face
Planet Mu
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July 2015
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Venetian Snares unveils his latest EP of crystal clear breakcore electronica Your Face. Rumour has it that this release had its inaugural listening to three septuagenarians whose reactions ranged from 'I can't understand it.' and 'noises came in. And that bothered me.' to 'it's like a dream sequence sort of thing.' which for our money perfectly encapsulates Venetian Snares' music and Your Face is possibly the finest release he has put his name to for some time. Continuing his hit-over-the-head-with-a-spanner approach to well placed puzzling breakcore electronica YF features a cascading platter of proto-chiptune mushroom squashing ZX81 tones on opener 'Your Face When I Finally' all with a nice does of 303 acid dropped in for good measure. 'Former Eagle' goes down a more spooked-out road with an almost down-tempo (well Aaron Funk down-tempo) vibe that's almost like the maximal edition of his Dismantling Five Years ambience from the Higgins Ultra LP. 'Red Orange 2' continues the assault with some proper junglizm before 'Become Magic Dolphins' almost(!!!) approaches house tempos and the rest of the release follows suit before the surprise closer 'Your Face When I Finally (Glass Version)' comes in with delicate glassy structures that will catch even the most devoted fans out. A wonderful release to behold that continues to show that Venetian Snares is in no sign of losing the innovation in his sound that has taken him from internet message boards into the hard drives and record collections of those wanting something entirely different to anything else heard before; unmissable stuff and a highlight in the ever-growing discography of Winnipeg's greatest export.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Your Face When I Finally Venetian Snares 6:33 Buy
  2. 2 Former Eagle Venetian Snares 2:34 Buy
  3. 3 Red Orange 2 Venetian Snares 3:45 Buy
  4. 4 Become Magic Dolphins Venetian Snares 5:20 Buy
  5. 5 Stockpiles of Sentiment Venetian Snares 4:53 Buy
  6. 6 Misericordial Venetian Snares 4:27 Buy
  7. 7 Your Face When I Finally (Glass Version) Venetian Snares 3:12 Buy

Venetian Snares

Planet Mu

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