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Venetian Snares
Traditional Synthesizer Music
Catalogue Number
Release Date
February 19, 2016

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Pioneering gear freak Aaron Funk acts under his cherished Venetian Snares guise and fires up the machines for the retro inspired Traditional Synthesizer Music LP on Timesig. Constructed and performed live solely through on a modular synthesizer, Funk embraces the fortuitous sonic encounters created through frantic patching and infuses them into his hallmark hyperactive breakcore sound. The rabid rhythmic divisions of opener ‘Dreamt Person V3’ act as the perfect introduction of the more liquid flow of ‘Everything About You Is Special’, moving into the clumpier fragmentation of ‘Slightly Bend Fork Tong V2’ and the churning acidic fidget on ‘Magnificent Stumble V2’. Although, despite its purist electronic music aesthetic, Funk manages to entwine a humanist element, achieved through the use of lush melodic swathes and mingling in chance, haphazard quirks within the acutely detailed production resulting in a piece that’ll only reveal its finest details on repeated listens.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Dreamt Person v3 1:56 Buy

    Dreamt Person v3

  2. 2 Everything About You Is Special 3:46 Buy

    Everything About You Is Special

  3. 3 Slightly Bent Fork Tong v2 2:26 Buy

    Slightly Bent Fork Tong v2

  4. 4 Magnificent Stumble v2 4:21 Buy

    Magnificent Stumble v2

  5. 5 Decembers 4:03 Buy
  6. 6 Can't Vote For Yourself v1 4:18 Buy

    Can't Vote For Yourself v1

  7. 7 You And Shayna v1 3:21 Buy

    You And Shayna v1

  8. 8 Goose And Gary v2 3:09 Buy

    Goose And Gary v2

  9. 9 Anxattack Boss Level19 v3 4:55 Buy

    Anxattack Boss Level19 v3

  10. 10 She Married A Chess Computer In The End 3:49 Buy

    She Married A Chess Computer In The End

  11. 11 Health Card10 3:23 Buy
  12. 12 Paganism Ratchets 4:30 Buy

    Paganism Ratchets

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