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  • Vinyl, 2×LP

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    • Bleep Exclusive
    • Double 12" + 7" pressing on black vinyl
    • Mastered by Alek Stark
    • Silkscreen printed sleeve on Italian cardboard
    • Limited copies available

Alek Stark's Fundamental Records presents the final album to be completed by the sadly recently deceased musician Rhys Celeste, otherwise known as Microlith.

Having released three 12"s and an album 'Dance With Me' with the Sheffield electro techno powerhouse CPU, Rhys Celeste's debut for Fundamental was whittled down from some 40+ tracks that he produced and then, with the help of Alek Stark, compiled into this album that has lovingly been titled Microlith after his production alias.

What is instantly so striking is the depth of Celeste's talent as a producer, these twelve tracks that have been expertly cut across two 12"s and 7" showcase a producer fully in control of his machines and with a strong knowledge of the more acidic side of electro, techno and braindance. Every track has been left with the title 'Untitled' minus the two pieces on the 7" that closes off the album. These two versions of a very singular celestial stargazing electro sound have been titled 'GOODGOOD BYE' as a fitting tribute to Microlith as an artist.

Having been in the mastering stage the tragic weekend of his death at the age of 24 years old, Alek Stark is quoted as saying: "The fatal weekend when Rhys lost his life I was mastering the tracks for his release in Fundamental Records. Rhys sent me the tracks only a few days before. He kept about forty untitled tracks for Fundamental Records and together we selected a perfect track list for the album. I was with all these melodies in my head all that weekend, I remember perfectly that feeling. Today I still have that special sensation that you can feel in all tracks composed by Rhys, something nostalgic with a big dose of happiness and hope in every note. When I was mastering his tracks I was like a young kid with a new record in my hands, each track is great, even the interludes are very special compositions".

A startlingly singular album that showcases a wealth of talent that far outweighed the years of production that Rhys had journeyed on, a singular artist whom the world will sorely miss.

  1. 1 2016 Untitled 75 Rhys Celeste 1:10
  2. 2 2016 Untitled 68 Rhys Celeste 3:59
  3. 3 2016 Untitled 72 Rhys Celeste 5:56
  4. 4 2016 Untitled 84 Rhys Celeste 4:09
  5. 5 2016 Untitled 61 Rhys Celeste 5:50
  6. 6 2016 Untitled 64 Rhys Celeste 1:28
  7. 7 2016 Untitled 65 Rhys Celeste 3:46
  8. 8 2016 Untitled 86 7 Rhys Celeste 4:57
  9. 9 2016 Untitled 69 Rhys Celeste 4:53
  10. 10 2016 Untitled 66 Rhys Celeste 3:39
  11. 11 GOODGOOD BYE - V1 Rhys Celeste 4:15
  12. 12 GOODGOOD BYE - VERSION 1234 Rhys Celeste 4:35

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