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Rhys Celeste
Microlith VI
Fundamental Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
May 14, 2021


The sixth installment of the Microlith series on Fundamental Records, a posthumous series sharing the work created by Rhys Celeste (aka Microlith) before his tragic passing in 2017. For the sixth and final entry into the series, we’re given possibly the deepest and most poignant album to sign off on. Taking his signature warm, enveloping interpretation of electro and acid, Celeste lifts proceedings into the celestial with a more panoramic, cinematic approach than on the preceding five in the series. Ambient tracks like ‘Wiring Components’ are beatless, modular bliss; whereas ‘Analog Components’ works a similar soundscape into a dancefloor journey.

  1. 1 Idhikal Kabari 1:15
  2. 2 Distorted Smiles 2:40
  3. 3 Remote Sound 2:31
  4. 4 Untitled Patterns 2:13
  5. 5 Wiring Components 1:10
  6. 6 Analog Components 2:13
  7. 7 Brainslave Sequence 2:50
  8. 8 Traces 2:04
  9. 9 Sky Envelopes 2:18
  10. 10 Christmas Clouds 2:15

Rhys Celeste

Fundamental Records

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