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Fundamental Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
December 2016
  • Vinyl, 2×LP

    Out of stock
    • Bleep exclusive
    • Double 12" pressing includes marbled vinyl 7"
    • Housed inside a printed full card sleeve
    • Lacquer mastering for maximum impact
    • Artwork by Alek Stark
    • One time pressing of 100 copies only

Fundamental Records present a Bleep exclusive vinyl edition of the previously digital only album Cosmos by Cygnus, landing somewhere between Jeff Mills crystalline techno and the electro-futurism of The Other People Place.

Composed out of eleven tracks (plus two bonus cuts on the 7") Cosmos perfectly builds upon Cygnus' previous entries for CPU & Recondite as well as an inclusion in our Top Tracks of 2015.

Going deeper into the realms of aqua-electronica than he has previously explored. Cygnus uses the album format (along with racks of analogue gear) to explore the same realms of outer reaches science fiction that is favoured by Convextion & the industrial-tinged movements of Gesloten Cirkel.

Perfectly bridging the gap between street-smart electro DJ tools and more home-listening techno, traces of the electro sound favoured by Warp (think Elektroids and B12 Electro Soma) Cygnus perfectly updates this sound to sit alongside recent gems from MNLTH and EOD.

Having been rinsing this for most of December, we would say a good point of entry would be the digi-dub of 'Global Satelite Network' that could be the Drexciya classic 'You Don't Know' if it were released by AFX instead of UR. Elsewhere, the low-fi vocoder funk of 'Tachyons' adds the influence of fellow Fundamental artist DMX Krew to the mix.

Moving deeper into the belly of abandoned space station escapism, 'Skylar Robotics' carries the sort of acidic squelch and stalking metallic echo that could see it as an alternate soundtrack to Alien, if it were composed by Aleksi Perälä deep within the realms of his Colundi Sequence.

Cloaked in the sort of mystery that surrounds the very best electro outfits, Fundamental are one of the most intriguing yet mysterious operations in the game today. Their highly limited, yet perfectly crafted releases all selling out within days of being announced before vanishing into the ether, they appear to have found a perfect partner in Cygnus, and Cosmos is essential listening for all future-bound electro sound-scientists.

  1. 1 Cosmos I Cygnus 4:41
  2. 2 Global Satellite Network Cygnus 7:30
  3. 3 Shuttle Launch Cygnus 3:45
  4. 4 Tachyons Cygnus 8:28
  5. 5 Skylar Robotics Cygnus 1:48
  6. 6 Skylar Cygnus 4:50
  7. 7 Cosmos II Cygnus 3:52
  8. 8 Orbital Mechanics Cygnus 5:24
  9. 9 Icasean Biosatellite Cygnus 4:01
  10. 10 Stellar Bodies Cygnus 8:00
  11. 11 Europa I Cygnus 8:00
  12. 12 Europa II Cygnus 4:45
  13. 13 Radio Room Cygnus 4:51


Fundamental Records

Electro and Acid

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