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Nebenprodukt vs. Chromophor - Electric Eclectics Ghost Series
Nebenprodukt vs. Chromophor
Nebenprodukt vs. Chromophor - Electric Eclectics Ghost Series
Fundamental Records
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November 2019
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If you haven’t checked in with Fundamental Records’ Electric Eclectics Ghost Series, we’ll lay it out for you. These records are all about high-quality electro - it really is as simple as that. Nebenprodukt and Chromophor take a side each on the label’s latest drop, with both delivering a quartet of top-of-the-range electro tools. Nebenprodukt’s style edges towards cyberpunk dystopia while Chromophor’s productions have more of a halcyon glow to them.

  1. 1 Biopolymer Nebenprodukt 1:37
  2. 2 Circular Economy Nebenprodukt 2:07
  3. 3 Lotus Effect Nebenprodukt 1:51
  4. 4 TiO2 Nebenprodukt 1:44
  5. 5 Pelargonidin Chromophor 1:44
  6. 6 Molecular Symmetry Chromophor 1:35
  7. 7 Circular Dichroism Chromophor 1:59
  8. 8 Disperse Red 1 Chromophor 1:29

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