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100 Tears - Bleep Exclusive Edition
DMX Krew
100 Tears - Bleep Exclusive Edition
Fundamental Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
October 2014
  • Vinyl, 2×LP

    Out of stock
    • Bleep exclusive pressing limited 100 Copies worldwide never to be repressed
    • Pressed on deluxe white vinyl
    • Housed in a metallic cardboard silk screen printed sleeve featuring original artwork & Design by Alek Stark
    • All tracks mastered by Alek Stark

Fundamental Records presents '100 tears' a brand new album from DMX Krew.

This is a one off exclusive Bleep edition of 100 copies pressed on deluxe double white vinyl and housed inside a metallic cardboard jacket screen printed by hand by designer Alek Stark. Below are a few words from Ed DMX about the making of the album.

These are nearly all tracks that were written at the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 when I was in the process of moving house, which meant I couldn't have my studio set up.

Instead I made these tracks using one or two synths and one drum machine, recording into a laptop without a mixing desk. I guess this is the way a lot of people make music but it's new to me. Having the restriction of only a few pieces of equipment on each track helped me to focus on musical ideas. When I felt too restricted by the machines in use, I would put a couple away and get a couple of different ones out of storage.

So the whole thing has a slightly different production vibe than some of my stuff, and a slightly different thought process, but the inspiration is the same: science fact and fiction mixed with the emotions of daily life.


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  1. 1 100 Tears 4:07 DMX Krew
  2. 2 Unexpected Spring 6:22 DMX Krew
  3. 3 Transubstantiation 4:27 DMX Krew
  4. 4 Inverted World 3:17 DMX Krew
  5. 5 Time Enough For Love 4:47 DMX Krew
  6. 6 Hyperion 3:44 DMX Krew
  7. 7 Output Data 4:01 DMX Krew
  8. 8 Why 3:35 DMX Krew
  9. 9 Tone Splice 6:20 DMX Krew
  10. 10 Akai Lament 3:18 DMX Krew
  11. 11 Hexagone 3:37 DMX Krew
  12. 12 Not Noticing 4:12 DMX Krew

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