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Mike and Rich (Aphex Twin and µ–Ziq)
Expert Knob Twiddlers
Planet Mu Records Ltd.
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September 2, 2016

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Absolute classic mid 90's LP from Aphex Twin and µ–Ziq aka Mike & Rich; Expert Knob Twiddlers finally made available again twenty years since its original release. Remastered from the original DAT's and featuring previously unheard bonus tracks and alternate versions.

For anyone with even a passing interest in the esoteric techno that rose to dominate the record shop racks and collections of many a mid 90's DJ and home listener, this lesser known classic is considered to be one of the decade and scenes definitive LP's by those who know it. Having been recorded during the 1994 world cup when Mike and Rich shared a flat in North London, the vibe throughout Knob Twiddlers is one of lighthearted moog jams influenced by 70's British TV themes that also has a strong techno feel that saw it placed high up on the shelf of outer reaches electronica, a space shared with other stand out releases of the time from Cylob, Seefeel, DMX Krew and Squarepusher (who also all released groundbreaking albums on Rephlex in 96).

Produced on an analogue library of gear including an Atari, Roland MKS-80, Memorymoog, Roland R8 and a handful of samples on a Casio FZ-10M, Mike and Rich's scientific/science fiction like approach to creating the most out there sounds possible (and some probably considered not possible on the machines used) producible on the equipment, saw them craft out an LP that blended an absurd sense of funk to the techno/not-techno rooted tracks that build the album's narrative.

Coming with an extra seven bonus cuts, this newly remastered edition of Expert Knob Twiddlers is a perfect snapshot of a time of experimentation without the endless labeling of new genres on anything that sounds a bit different to the norm from two of the very best in the game. Expert Knob Twiddlers is an LP that no matter who listens to it, they are sure to win.

A:01/Mr. Frosty 02/Reg B: 01/Jelly Fish 02/Eggy Toast 03/Vodka C: 01/Winner Takes All 02/Giant Deflating Football 03/Upright Kangaroo D: 01/The Sound Of The Beady Eyes 02/Bu Bu Bu Ba E: 01/Vodka (Mix 2) 02/Portamento Gosh 03/Waltz F: 01/Brivert & Muonds 02/Clissold Bathroom 03/Jelly Fish (Mix 2) 04/Organ Plodder

2 x CD DISC 1: 01/ Mr. Frosty 02/ Reg 03/ Jelly Fish 04/ Eggy Toast 05/ Vodka 06/ Winner Takes All 07/ Upright Kangaroo 08/ Giant Deflating Football 09/ The Sound Of The Beady Eyes 10/ Bu Bu Bu Ba DISC 2: 01/ Vodka (Mix 2) 02/ Portamento Gosh 03/ Waltz 04/ Brivert & Muonds 05/ Clissold Bathroom 06/ Jelly Fish (Mix 2) 07/ Organ Plodder

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Mr. Frosty Mike & Rich 6:53 Buy
  2. 2 Reg Mike & Rich 5:56 Buy
  3. 3 Jelly Fish Mike & Rich 6:01 Buy
  4. 4 Eggy Toast Mike & Rich 4:32 Buy
  5. 5 Vodka Mike & Rich 4:12 Buy
  6. 6 Winner Takes All Mike & Rich 5:44 Buy

    Winner Takes All

  7. 7 Upright Kangaroo Mike & Rich 3:32 Buy

    Upright Kangaroo

  8. 8 Giant Deflating Football Mike & Rich 6:21 Buy

    Giant Deflating Football

  9. 9 The Sound Of The Beady Eyes Mike & Rich 7:46 Buy

    The Sound Of The Beady Eyes

  10. 10 Bu Bu Bu Ba Mike & Rich 6:52 Buy
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