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Bleep favourite Brainwaltzera returns with a remix EP from his small but punchy discography, including tracks from one of our top records of the year Poly-ana.

Existing within a strange time when a new artist emerges with a fresh take on an old sound and the internet goes into overdrive trying to assert ideas on the ID of said artist, furious people firing off messages that this artist can't be anything other than a well known producer under the cloak of disguise. Enter Brainwaltzera. Having knocked out one of our top albums of 2017 and seemingly spearheaded the braindance/this sort of sound revival thats seen killer records from LNS, Aleksi Perala, Lanark Artefax and Rian Treanor emerge with new takes on the mid 90's Warp & Rephlex sounds. Brainwaltzera's mystery only deepens with the arrival of a remix 12" featuring first wave left-field acid producer Luke Vibert alongside a whole bunch of up and coming names within this freshly shook up scene.

While none of the tracks come close to the original material, they do offer different stories of the same situation. Acid is the name of the game here. Vibert knocks out a slinky hip-hop ride on a Wagon Christ tip. Eva Geist's playful yet slightly disjointed take is set to give your head a good swim, sort of like a chilled version of Gigue's Doubtful Guest electro. Ignazz spins out a more straight up cowbell 'n' all classic house mix (best of the bunch dare we say). While Guavid looks to the breakcore renditions of The Tuss for inspiration, just getting in before Philipp Otterbach's orchestral mix ends things on a passive note.

Sure to fry your mind in more ways than one.

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  1. 1 Muddy Puddle Trot (Luke Vibert Remix) 3:48 Brainwaltzera Buy
  2. 2 Kurzweil Dame (Eva Geist Remix) 3:13 Brainwaltzera Buy
  3. 3 Marzipan Leftlovers (Ignazz Remix) 4:18 Brainwaltzera Buy
  4. 4 Muddy Puddle Trot (Guavid Remix) 4:00 Brainwaltzera Buy
  5. 5 Triangulate Dither (Philipp Otterbach Remix) 5:36 Brainwaltzera Buy


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