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Echo Principle
Echo Principle
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August 2018
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A selection of tracks for dancefloor excursions and home listening alike are released by Attraktta on FILM. Attraktta, the alias adopted by Ai Records and Concrete Plastic founder, Steve Hyland, presents an album of ambient infused electronica. Exhibiting his nineteen years of experience in the industry, the album is constructed with a meticulous precision that means no track scans as superfluous and no melody is overworked. A brilliant body of light weight and atmospheric sequencing, Attraktta’s Echo Principle is best summarised by the ingenious relationship between the synth heavy intro of ‘Pulse Echo Mode’ and the intricate drum pattern that dominates the track. The almost koto-esque beginning of ‘Pastel Acid’ also supplies an interlude of touching purity.

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  1. 1 Pulse Echo Mode 6:34 Attraktta Buy
  2. 2 Distance in Ultrablue 6:32 Attraktta Buy
  3. 3 McMurdo Sound 4:15 Attraktta Buy
  4. 4 Stay Frosty 6:00 Attraktta Buy
  5. 5 Echo Principle 3:46 Attraktta Buy
  6. 6 Boom Halo 2:31 Attraktta Buy
  7. 7 Pastel Acid 6:49 Attraktta Buy
  8. 8 Memoryhouse 4:32 Attraktta Buy



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