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Lee Anthony Jude Norris’s work under the Metamatics moniker has become something of hallowed ground in the world of electronica, particularly off the back of co-signs from Laurent Garnier and Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood. Original pressings of his 1998 album Neo-Ouija routinely go for upwards of £70 on Discogs, so it’s a good thing that Hydrogen Dukebox (A1 People, Norken) have seen fit to repress the record as it closes in on its 20th anniversary. One listen to the LP and one can see what all the fuss is about. Neo-Ouija is a beautifully honed slice of late-90s electronica, lush and soulful while also full of the glee of a genre riding a new flush of mainstream support. Garage, jungle, downtempo hip-hop, trip-hop and much more are combined by Metamatics for an effect that is both classic and futuristic, meticulous yet free.

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  1. 1 Neo Ouija 6:53 Metamatics Buy
  2. 2 Soolange Jimenez 6:59 Metamatics Buy
  3. 3 2nd Floor Flat 0:18 Metamatics Buy
  4. 4 Escher Escalator 4:43 Metamatics Buy
  5. 5 Vanishing Point 6:43 Metamatics Buy
  6. 6 Piano 2 2:31 Metamatics Buy
  7. 7 Hamburg Trick 5:10 Metamatics Buy
  8. 8 So Many Ways 5:55 Metamatics Buy
  9. 9 Beautiful Mutations 7:22 Metamatics Buy
  10. 10 Evening Star 4:19 Metamatics Buy


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