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Diet of Germs
Adam Oko
Diet of Germs
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December 2015
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Previous NTS Radio guest Adam Oko lands on Astro:Dynamics with his debut cassette EP Diet Of Germs. Oko’s passion for collecting 80’s Japanese electronic music permeates each of the woozy, ambient-inflicted pieces, starting with the angelic, new age arpeggios and chirping birds of ‘The Burrow’, followed by the more wistful, introspective ‘Suketo’ with its quintessentially British vocal sample. Next, ‘Legs Akimbo’ offloads a barrage of percussion, at first feeling rather clumpy but eventually settling into a grove, whilst ‘Diet Of Germs’ pairs gritty, overdriven drums to sweltering melody whilst packing plenty of swing. Finally, label regular Best Available Technology dives deeper inside ‘Suketo’, leaving no acoustic territory unexplored on his warm, melancholic remix.

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  1. 1 The Burrow 3:59 Adam Oko Buy
  2. 2 Suketo 4:55 Adam Oko Buy
  3. 3 Legs Akimbo 3:20 Adam Oko Buy
  4. 4 Diet of Germs 4:12 Adam Oko Buy
  5. 5 Suketo (Best Available Technology Remix) 5:43 Adam Oko Buy


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