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Brainfeeder have pushed out into new waters over the past couple of years, with releases from Lapalux and DJ Paypal yoking decidedly futurist aesthetics to the label’s classic template. This latest LP from Iglooghost goes even further down that rabbit hole, with EDM, juke, J-Pop, chiptune and much more all counted as weapons in the Irish producer’s arsenal. The voracious postmodernism of Neō Wax Bloom would mean nothing, however, if Iglooghost wasn’t an immaculate curator as well as creator. The attention to detail of tracks like ‘White Gum’ and ‘Teal Yomi/Olivine’ recalls SOPHIE and labelmate Daedalus - for even while they burst at the seams, every idea still manages to find its own space.

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  1. 1 Pale Eyes 2:24 Iglooghost Buy
  2. 2 Super Ink Burst 3:27 Iglooghost Buy
  3. 3 Bug Thief 3:19 Iglooghost Buy
  4. 4 Sōlar Blade 3:53 Iglooghost Buy
  5. 5 White Gum 4:10 Iglooghost Buy
  6. 6 Purity Shards 1:38 Iglooghost Buy
  7. 7 Zen Champ 3:23 Iglooghost Buy
  8. 8 Infinite Mint 5:35 Iglooghost feat. Cuushe Buy
  9. 9 Teal Yomi / Olivine 5:14 Iglooghost feat. Mr. Yote Buy
  10. 10 Peanut Choker 3:36 Iglooghost Buy
  11. 11 Göd Grid 4:19 Iglooghost Buy



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