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Originally released on the famous Rephlex way back in 1993, Synectics’ pioneering debut LP The Purple Universe now gets the reissue treatment courtesy of Musique Pour La Danse. Even a quarter of a century after its release this LP is still notable for its ambitious productions and desire to usher club sounds into the future. 24-minute-long opener ‘The Final Moment’, for instance, is a unique track that takes in everything from techno to proggy psychedelia.

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  1. 1 The Final Moment 23:50 Synectics
  2. 2 Into The Unknown 6:26 Synectics Buy
  3. 3 Zycooon 5:15 Synectics Buy
  4. 4 Free Sphere 11:42 Synectics
  5. 5 Untitled 6:05 Synectics Buy
  6. 6 Red Clouds 4:09 Synectics Buy
  7. 7 Synergetic 2 5:34 Synectics Buy
  8. 8 Natural 4:30 Synectics Buy

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