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MJ Lallo
Take Me With You
Seance Centre
Catalogue Number
Release Date
October 26, 2018


Voice over artist, poet, singer, award-winning composer: such are the many talents of MJ Lallo. Having founded her own post-production house in San Fransisco in 1983, Lallo’s music and SFX features on film soundtracks and ads, with recent clients including NASA. Recorded in her home studio between 1982 and 1997, Take Me With You is a fantastic voyage through deep space, realised with digitised drumbeats and warm synthesisers. Almost any other sound you hear, of course, is that of Lallo’s elastic vocal.

  1. 1 Suite for Jupiter MJ Lallo 1:22
  2. 2 Singing in the Lightyears MJ Lallo 1:42
  3. 3 Galaxy Latina MJ Lallo 1:39
  4. 4 Buddha's 2nd Coming MJ Lallo 1:41
  5. 5 Midnight in the Sky MJ Lallo 1:40
  6. 6 Ancient Mars MJ Lallo 1:39
  7. 7 Lunar Tribal Ritual MJ Lallo 1:40
  8. 8 Alien Angels MJ Lallo 1:42
  9. 9 Pleiades Chanting MJ Lallo 1:40
  10. 10 Sighting Rainbows MJ Lallo 1:41
  11. 11 Healing for the Heart MJ Lallo 1:41
  12. 12 U.F.O. MJ Lallo 0:32
  13. 13 UR Dreaming in Slow Motion MJ Lallo 1:51
  14. 14 Breathing a Prayer MJ Lallo 1:43

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