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The Advisory Circle
Ways of Seeing
Ghost Box
Catalogue Number
Release Date
May 25, 2018

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Hard to believe that it's been four years since we last heard from The Advisory Circle, returning once more with a beautifully packaged new album of melodically rich electronic pieces inspired by late 70s and early 80s library music.

With each new album from The Advisory Circle, listening to it is an experience like returning to your school music lessons and finding that John Carpenter is now teaching the class. They truly are the flagship project operating at the centre of the radiophonic/hauntological world of which Ghost Box and its legion of dedicated followers orbit around. If you look closely at the Ghost Box discography you will see The Advisory Circle, real name Jon Brooks fingerprints all over much of the label's different projects and outputs. As a producer and mastering engineer, Brooks is a contributing presence on most Ghost Box releases. He has years of experience as a commercial and library composer and his mastering and audio restoration skills are much in demand, particularly on re-issue labels such as Trunk Records.

As expected, Ways of Seeing is another excellent transmission of library music recreated for meandering minds. A vivid audio hallucination that feels like its been buried deep in our collective memories past but now brought up to be soaked in the psychedelic sunshine of The Advisory Circle's unique sound world.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Ektachrom Logotone 0:08 Buy

    Ektachrom Logotone

  2. 2 Be Seeing You! 5:06 Buy

    Be Seeing You!

  3. 3 The April Interval 4:02 Buy

    The April Interval

  4. 4 Flight Capture 3:37 Buy

    Flight Capture

  5. 5 Time Shapes the Lens 2:16 Buy

    Time Shapes the Lens

  6. 6 Skyways 4:09 Buy
  7. 7 A Mechanical Eye 2:17 Buy

    A Mechanical Eye

  8. 8 Airborne Seeds 2:57 Buy

    Airborne Seeds

  9. 9 High Climber 5:00 Buy
  10. 10 Scuba 5:21 Buy
  11. 11 The Soft Dissolve 3:17 Buy

    The Soft Dissolve

  12. 12 Tidewatch 4:29 Buy
  13. 13 No Way Back 4:39 Buy
  14. 14 New Wave, New Energy 3:17 Buy

    New Wave, New Energy

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