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From Out Here
The Advisory Circle
From Out Here
Ghost Box
Catalogue Number
Release Date
December 2014
  • Vinyl, 1×LP

    Out of stock
    • 180g Vinyl
    • Download code redeemable from the label
    • Artwork by Julian House based on the original concepts for the music.

  • CD

    Out of stock
    • CD versions include three bonus tracks
    • Artwork by Julian House based on the original concepts for the music.

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The Advisory Circle (aka Jon Brooks) explores the darker terrains of English pastoral scenery, manipulating it in to world of hauntological science fiction. Using a rich tapestry of sounds; with analogue synths complemented by antique tape reels, this is a superb journey of sound. Taking inspiration from John Wyndham there is a foreboding sentiment that the Triffids may start appearing at any moment.

This Bleep-only version has the bonus track "The Absolute Unattached"

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Triadex Logotone 0:20 The Advisory Circle Buy
  2. 2 Escape Lane 4:02 The Advisory Circle Buy
  3. 3 Upon Oakston 4:54 The Advisory Circle Buy
  4. 4 From Out Here 1:07 The Advisory Circle Buy
  5. 5 Vibrations and Waves 4:02 The Advisory Circle Buy
  6. 6 Triadex Two Five Nine 1:47 The Advisory Circle Buy
  7. 7 Experiment! 3:55 The Advisory Circle Buy
  8. 8 All Alone In a Green and Pleasant Land 1:00 The Advisory Circle Buy
  9. 9 Causeway Ballet 5:26 The Advisory Circle Buy
  10. 10 Dexter Logotone 0:09 The Advisory Circle Buy
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The Advisory Circle

Ghost Box

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