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Ripple Effect
Ripple Effect
Vibrant Music
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April 2018
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Early Chain Reaction/Echochord artist Konstantinos Soublis readies his new LP under his most frequently used Fluxion alias. Deep and moody dub techno full of spatial clarity, emotions that are open to interpretation, gorgeous drifting melodies and more. Track 3 (‘Momentum’) sounds like Ian O’Brien’s old ambient records on Peacefrog had he been spending a lot of time with Vladislav Delay. Top quality stuff that fans of Shinichi Atobe et al will also approve of. On ‘Valley’ we hear Soublis at his most melancholic, something we’ve always found universally appealing about dub techno music when it’s done right.

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  1. 1 Train Incident 1:30 Fluxion
  2. 2 The Meeting 1:30 Fluxion
  3. 3 Momentum 1:29 Fluxion
  4. 4 The Idea 1:30 Fluxion
  5. 5 Another Side 1:30 Fluxion
  6. 6 Tipping Point 1:31 Fluxion
  7. 7 Fortitude 1:30 Fluxion
  8. 8 Valley 1:30 Fluxion
  9. 9 Moving On 1:30 Fluxion


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Vibrant Music

Dub Techno

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