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Sandwell District
Point Of Departure
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February 23, 2024

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Female, Function, Silent Servant and Regis aka Sandwell District aren’t finished with the collective’s revival just yet. The seismic force that could be felt from subwoofers stationed in clubs all over the world was rekindled ten years later with the 2023 edition of their landmark album Feed Forward, selling out almost instantly for the second time. Their distinct brand of heavyweight techno snakes through the crowds once again, but there’s still more to tell of the label’s story. WHERE NEXT ? picks up the thread started by last year’s reissue, collecting tracks and singles released by the collective’s core artists as well as some unreleased bangers lurking in the album’s mist.

As with any transmission from Sandwell District, these are extended techno workouts and four to the floor productions for dimly lit undergrounds. WHERE NEXT ? plays out that contrast between the depths of rumbling sub bass and the treble of crisp snaps and claps, minimal in palette yet maximally tearing up the dancefloor. The subterranean wobble of opening ‘Reykjavik’ shifts plates with its incessantly pounding rhythm, while a reverent choir is repitched and icy thunderclaps reverberate into the vastness. Kalon’s mix of ‘Violencia’ pits dubwise synths against a pummelling beat, anchoring the bitcrushed noise throttles that spark and fluctuate throughout the track’s turbulence before roaring into an ecstatic climax. After silvery mechanical throbs and restless technological pulses, ‘Inter’ is a brighter break from the album’s intense rush, closing with lush, light drum machines and suitably cinematic pads.

Sandwell District keep the flame burning on WHAT NEXT ? with an essential collection pulling from the label’s legacy.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Reykjavik 7:16
  2. 2 Hypnotica Scale 5:40
  3. 3 Haiku (Regis Edit) 6:57
  4. 4 Disaffected 7:40
  5. 5 Violencia (Kalon Mix) 6:31
  6. 6 Man Is The Superior Animal (Regis Original 12" mMx) 5:59
  7. 7 Sampler 1 B1 (Regis Edit) 5:21 Buy

    Sampler 1 B1 (Regis Edit)

  8. 8 Mad Youth (OD Edit) 7:28
  9. 9 Discipline (OD Edit) 5:52
  10. 10 Variance (CH-Signal Laboratories Edit) 5:25
  11. 11 Ember (New Mix) 7:24
  12. 12 Inter 7:33

Sandwell District

Point Of Departure

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