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Other Infinities
Claude Speeed
Other Infinities
Planet Mu
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December 2017
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Claude Speeed brings down the curtain on the cycle of his July LP Infinity Ultra with this collection of alternative takes and unreleased musings. Infinity Ultra was a shiny yet occasionally abrasive LP, equal parts Rustie, PC Music and Speeed’s old math-rock group American Men. Other Infinities is borne of a similar maximalism, both in terms of the bright tones that crowd each track and also the wide range of influences bearing down on the album. While the likes of ‘Hostage Voice’ and ‘Memories of Eternal Future’ are perky bits of computer music, we also get mathy workouts (‘Invocation of the Spirit of RUSSIA’) and demonic noise movements (‘Hell HD’, ‘Body’). This release is one of two limited-edish cassettes Planet Mu are dropping for Christmas 2017.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Hostage Voice Claude Speeed 5:16 Buy
  2. 2 Memories Of Eternal Future Claude Speeed 4:49 Buy
  3. 3 Invocation Of The Spirit Of RUSSIA Claude Speeed 3:26 Buy
  4. 4 KRT Ancestor Simulation Claude Speeed 2:10 Buy
  5. 5 Don't Ever Antagonize The Horn Claude Speeed 1:04 Buy
  6. 6 Hell HD Claude Speeed 2:08 Buy
  7. 7 Eyelids - Lipstick Claude Speeed 5:14 Buy
  8. 8 Show Me How Claude Speeed 2:15 Buy
  9. 9 CGI Man Claude Speeed 2:57 Buy
  10. 10 Body Claude Speeed 3:56 Buy
  11. 11 No Kings Claude Speeed 6:44 Buy
  12. 12 Under Hood Claude Speeed 2:16 Buy
  13. 13 Spectral Trance Claude Speeed 2:59 Buy
  14. 14 Facebook Meditation Claude Speeed 4:34 Buy
  15. 15 Timeless Earth Claude Speeed 2:37 Buy

Claude Speeed

Planet Mu

Electronic and Electronica

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