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Wow! We haven’t heard the name Claude Speed in a long time. Part of American Men, a group who released on Scottish label Lucky Me back in 2010, Mr. Speed crafts the type of high sheen, modern day avant-pop that deserves to be huge. ‘Taj Mahal’ from his debut LP is worth a look if his name doesn’t ring a bell. Now back in full force with a double album for Planet Mu, Infinity Ultra comprises of fifteen new compositions that are inspired by futurism, anime and abandoned places. Super interesting music that doesn’t bare many comparisons, dig in!

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  1. 1 BCCCC 2:40 Claude Speeed Buy
  2. 2 Serra 2:36 Claude Speeed Buy
  3. 3 Windows 95 3:32 Claude Speeed Buy
  4. 4 Ambien Rave 3:18 Claude Speeed Buy
  5. 5 Alternate Histories 4:43 Claude Speeed featuring Kuedo Buy
  6. 6 Moonchord Supermagic 4:11 Claude Speeed Buy
  7. 7 800 Super NYC 4:58 Claude Speeed Buy
  8. 8 XY Autostream 1:27 Claude Speeed Buy
  9. 9 Fifth Fortress 5:50 Claude Speeed Buy
  10. 10 VZJD 2:08 Claude Speeed Buy
  11. 11 Entering The Zone 2:38 Claude Speeed Buy
  12. 12 Center Tech 3:59 Claude Speeed Buy
  13. 13 Spirits 5:10 Claude Speeed Buy
  14. 14 Contact 2:20 Claude Speeed Buy
  15. 15 DreamDream 5:11 Claude Speeed Buy

Claude Speeed

Planet Mu

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