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Dark Entries Records
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September 2017
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Insane collection of tracks from the Hypnobeat archives spanning the brief period of 1984-1986. The criminally underrated James Dean Brown and co work their way through acid house, demented dub psych and industrial leaning drum tracks on this top package from the guys at Dark Entries. The classic hardware used lend these recordings both an authentic yet remarkably non-temporal edge, cuts like ‘Slash!...’ sounding as if they could have made yesterday. It’s on the final full D side spanning track ‘Mission In Congo’ that steals the show for us, an absolute club weapon. For fans of the rawer side of Psychic TV or for anyone who ever wished O Yuki Conjugate were using 303s.

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  1. 1 The Arumbaya Fetish 1:30 Hypnobeat
  2. 2 Moon Jump 1:30 Hypnobeat
  3. 3 Slash! Buffalo Eats Brass 1:30 Hypnobeat
  4. 4 Kilian 1:30 Hypnobeat
  5. 5 Donna's Gift #2 1:30 Hypnobeat
  6. 6 Can God Rewind? 1:30 Hypnobeat
  7. 7 Mission in Congo 1:30 Hypnobeat

Dark Entries Records

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