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It's All Around You
It's All Around You
Thrill Jockey
Catalogue Number
Release Date
April 2004
  • Vinyl, 1×LP

    • Pressed on colored vinyl
    • 2016 re-issue
    • Packaged in a high gloss LP jacket with high gloss inner sleeve
    • Includes download card

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Ten tracks of exquisite post-rock/electronic melancholy from everybody’s favourite Thrill Jockey Chicagoans, Tortoise – pressed up on a sparkling reissue for the 2016 crew. One of the most laid-back releases in the Tortoise catalogue, It’s All Around You is also their saddest. From the graceful New Age meets musak piano/keys of ‘Crest’ to the hushed drum work out of ‘Unknown’ or the Boards of Canada sleepwalk of ‘By Dawn’ these tracks hum with a mournful, 4AM in Winter vibe; empty red wine glasses, orange-fireside glow, hangdog eyes. It’s beautiful. If you want a sample, check album highlight ‘The Lithium Stiffs’ which sets the tone for this record: a delicious shiver of French 60s Pop processed through Tortoise FX and keys, if you aren’t won over after that… you are dead inside.

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  1. 1 It's All Around You 4:09 Tortoise Buy
  2. 2 The Lithium Stiffs 3:59 Tortoise Buy
  3. 3 Crest 4:21 Tortoise Buy
  4. 4 Stretch (You Are All Right) 5:14 Tortoise Buy
  5. 5 Unknown 5:38 Tortoise Buy
  6. 6 Dot/Eyes 3:46 Tortoise Buy
  7. 7 On The Chin 5:21 Tortoise Buy
  8. 8 By Dawn 1:51 Tortoise Buy
  9. 9 Five Too Many 4:33 Tortoise Buy
  10. 10 Salt The Skies 4:45 Tortoise Buy


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