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A Lazarus Taxon
A Lazarus Taxon
Thrill Jockey
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August 2006
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Tortoise's A Lazarus Taxon should fill in all of the blanks in your collection. Spanning three CDs the set sums up just about all of Tortoise's extra-curricular activity during their 16-year career, previously only available for two-months-salary prices on eBay. The set is centered around the Rhythms, Resolutions and Clusters LP, which went out of print almost directly upon its release after their first album in 1995, and includes the lost Mike Watt remix track, which arrived too late to be pressed on the LP, and had to be respooled from a broken DAT by Bundy K. Brown just to be included here! The rest of the set is filled out by 7" and 12" EP, compilation, Japanese bonus tracks, and includes the rare Autechre Remixes"To Day Retrieval" and "Adverse Camber".

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  1. 1 Gamera 11:53 Tortoise
  2. 2 Source Of Uncertainty 3:42 Tortoise Buy
  3. 3 Blackbird 5:01 Tortoise Buy
  4. 4 Sexual For Elizabeth 4:45 Tortoise Buy
  5. 5 To Day Retrieval 3:55 Tortoise Buy
  6. 6 Whitewater 5:04 Tortoise Buy
  7. 7 Didjeridoo 4:31 Tortoise Buy
  8. 8 Autumn Sweater 7:06 Tortoise Buy
  9. 9 Wait 4:26 Tortoise Buy
  10. 10 A Grape Dope 4:09 Tortoise Buy
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