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Analogical Force
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Release Date
May 21, 2021

Analogical Force presents Scurlage by µ-Ziq - Mike Paradinas’ first full length outing under the alias since 2013 which was written in the lockdown of 2020 in the Welsh countryside. A long overdue return from the pioneer of the ‘drill n bass’ sound and founder of Planet Mu records.

Scurlage is a timely reminder of the classic µ-Ziq sound, with a more expansive outlook than some of his earlier records. Spanning ten new tracks, it’s constructed using µ-Ziq’s unmistakable palette of sounds - pure emotive melodies from soft synths, rapid-fire drum programming and futuristic undertones. Opening with ‘Blakers Loop’, a tense sci-fi vision cast on top of rolling 808s in what almost comes across like a µ-Ziq reinterpretation of contemporary trap, it moves between the various facets of the µ-Ziq sound.

‘Preston Melodics’ follows with more peaceful strokes, with warmly jaded chords and a pared back, deconstructed break. Tracks like ‘Murker’ and ‘Cleaning’ channel the classic future-shock vibes of his earlier work in the form of frenetic dark electro productions. Their vision of the future isn’t entirely dystopian, with plenty of conversely utopian pictures painted throughout the album. Tracks like ‘Blauwasser’ and ‘Bentley’ sculpt dynamic cityscapes with their redemptive chords and optimistic arpeggio lines. ‘Strawberry Aero’ completes the narrative in contemplative fashion, the dramatic twists and turns a fading memory as we’re enveloped in soothing synth tones.

A victory lap thrown down by a masterful producer, re-entering the scene to show us how it's done.

  1. 1 Blakers Loop 1:55
  2. 2 Preston Melodics 1:55
  3. 3 Murker 1:55
  4. 4 Slade Treacher 1:55
  5. 5 Cleaning 1:55
  6. 6 Oxwich Penrice 1:55
  7. 7 Blauwasser 1:55
  8. 8 Sketty 1:54
  9. 9 Bentley 1:54
  10. 10 Strawberry Aero 1:55
  • Scurlage


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