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Start Breaking My Heart
Start Breaking My Heart
The Leaf Label
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July 2006
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The Leaf Label present a vinyl reissue of Dan Snaith’s second album, previously released under his Manitoba name before he was obliged to change it for legal reasons. Emerging as Caribou, his work is re-released under the new name, showcasing the melancholy and muted elation that his material possesses. Arcs of rainbow melody, skittering percussion patterns and the kind of organic electronica that would set him up for the high status he occupies today.

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  1. 1 Dundas, Ontario 4:24 Caribou
  2. 2 People Eating Fruit 6:11 Caribou
  3. 3 Mammals vs. Reptiles 4:47 Caribou
  4. 4 Brandon 5:23 Caribou
  5. 5 Children Play Well Together 3:06 Caribou
  6. 6 Lemon Yoghourt 2:24 Caribou
  7. 7 James' Second Haircut 4:15 Caribou
  8. 8 Schedules and Fares 5:13 Caribou
  9. 9 Paul's Birthday 6:56 Caribou
  10. 10 Happy Ending 3:02 Caribou
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