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Mission Of Dead Souls
Throbbing Gristle
Mission Of Dead Souls
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September 2018
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Mute present a very much welcomed deluxe reissue of Mission Of Dead Souls. Recorded in San Francisco on 29 May 1981, it was to be the final performance by Throbbing Gristle before they disbanded and terminated the mission.

While the TG studio albums are rightly so heralded as cornerstones of electronic music, the groups live actions take on a much more raw and visceral form, perfectly paralleling the dark ages post-punk Hackney landscape upon which the core fragments of each track were originally crafted. Unavailable on vinyl for decades, listening back now it's astounding how much the sheer coldness of Mission Of Dead Souls can still send shockwaves down your spine.

With this freshly cut vinyl edition, it's unarguable to say that Throbbing Gristle's and Misson Of Dead Souls' influence upon new generations will soon be felt...

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  1. 1 Dead Souls 5:05 Throbbing Gristle Buy
  2. 2 Guts On the Floor 6:04 Throbbing Gristle Buy
  3. 3 Circle of Animals 5:27 Throbbing Gristle Buy
  4. 4 Looking For the OTO 5:06 Throbbing Gristle Buy
  5. 5 Vision and Voice 7:11 Throbbing Gristle Buy
  6. 6 Funeral Rites 5:20 Throbbing Gristle Buy
  7. 7 Spirits Flying 8:16 Throbbing Gristle Buy
  8. 8 Persuasion USA 7:07 Throbbing Gristle Buy
  9. 9 Thee Process 0:59 Throbbing Gristle Buy
  10. 10 Discipline (Reprise) 2:59 Throbbing Gristle Buy

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