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The Black Dog
Dust Science
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May 2018
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Post-Truth is The Black Dog's latest soundtrack to these troubling times where disinformation and suspicion run rampant. Its twelve tracks are jacked-up muscled-out techno, immaculately produced, it's the perfect soundtrack to your real life science fiction nightmare.

This is The Black Dog eyes wide and on full alert, plagued by the paranoia of living in a world in which the machines we control in fact control us. They set out to fight the system by using the rhythmic tendencies of their studio gear to harbour a sanction from the everyday horrors of life within a 24 hour CCTV society. This science fiction narrative is a path well trodden and we don't think we need to go any further down it. What we will say is though is that behind the standardised Ballardian narrative, Post-Truth is the sort of The Black Dog sound that we really love the most, this is the group fully armed to the teeth in hi-tek techno mode, building on the titanic sound that they came close to perfecting back in 2008 with Radio Scarecrow.

Each of Post-Truth twelve tracks walk the line between the more historically melodic sound of the group's earliest incarnations some 30 years ago, yet what continues to make them such an important unit is how they still to this day continue to fully take advantage of and explore the latest systems and sequencers. In doing so they have created their most cutting record in a decade, this is the sound of techno taking a huge bite out of modern technology and leaving it left with the Post-Truth's singular, ripped sound.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Cognitive Dissonance 4:26 The Black Dog Buy
  2. 2 Solipsism 3:00 The Black Dog Buy
  3. 3 Mk Future 2:37 The Black Dog Buy
  4. 4 Nothing Ever Changes 0:46 The Black Dog Buy
  5. 5 The Truth Is In The Post 5:22 The Black Dog Buy
  6. 6 Seance Of Entitlement 5:19 The Black Dog Buy
  7. 7 Fwb 5:09 The Black Dog Buy
  8. 8 Anticipation Occupation 3:47 The Black Dog Buy
  9. 9 Timmy O & Gem P 1:04 The Black Dog Buy
  10. 10 The Patti Smith Disaster 4:45 The Black Dog Buy
  11. 11 Our Kes 0:52 The Black Dog Buy
  12. 12 Technological Utopians 5:28 The Black Dog Buy

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