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Planet Mu unearth one of the most compelling, and destructively unique releases of recent times with Phoenixxx, the debut album from the internet-based Post-Soviet trio WWWINGS. Featuring guest spots from Chino Amobi (fresh from guesting on Elysia Crampton's recent LP) Hyperdub star Endgame, Imaabs and Lao and the addictively named DJ Heroin, PHOENIXXX transports the cold stare terminator techno.

Coming at a time when urban audio is drifting into a techstep style cyberpunk futurism and neon-lit steel-grey sky blues, WWWINGS have gone further than most to unleash possibly the most sprawling record to emerge from the concrete jungle climate yet. Phoenixxx was built up over the Russian social media platform VK and the instant messenger service Telegram, the album in parts, sounds like the current under closure club scene looking back to the industrial degenerative sound of Vex'd and the grime techno of Milanese, but filtered through the acid rain ambience of 2814, Russian Mind OPN and glass-cut skyline of Logos. All this comes together to fuse a stark, yet exhilarating yet grimey electronic sound (e) scape (s).

Composed of three members, ‘Lit Internet’, ‘Lit Eyne’ and Lit Daw’ little is know about them minus the fact they are from the Kamchatka Peninsula in the far East of Russia, Siberia and Ukraine respectively, and that they are aged between 18 and 25. Using the internet as the base for the project, it is a very realized vision of the future that stems from the Black Dog's 89' hit Virtual with it's Allen Ginsberg 'I sit in my room and imagine the future' sample bought into the future-present Mu world that started with Kuedo's Severant and recently moved to the dusty abandoned city radiation of Asher Levitas and the post-techno structures of Antwood and Silk Road Assassin's.

PHOENIXXX is a startlingly produced record that sustains a strong, ahead of its time yet harsh, metallic sound that is pushing back hard against the underground's current penchant of nostalgia for the future.

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  1. 1 Lil Angels 2:52 WWWINGS Buy
  2. 2 Era 5:28 WWWINGS featuring Kastle, Born In Flames and Gronos1 Buy
  3. 3 Aethereal 3:25 WWWINGS featuring Chino Amobi Buy
  4. 4 Pyro 4:20 WWWINGS featuring Imaabs and Lao Buy
  5. 5 Arcane 2:45 WWWINGS Buy
  6. 6 Lava 2:41 WWWINGS featuring Endgame Buy
  7. 7 Ashes 3:40 WWWINGS Buy
  8. 8 Resurge 4:24 WWWINGS Buy
  9. 9 Infinity 4:54 WWWINGS featuring Ebbo Kraan Buy
  10. 10 Melt 3:21 WWWINGS featuring Barla, Graves and Pope Buy
  11. 11 Fly 2:32 WWWINGS featuring DJ Heroin Buy
  12. 12 Ignite 2:15 WWWINGS Buy


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