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Glaswegian super-producer Hudson Mohawke returns to Warp for this stunning LP, Lantern. With the rap-focused sound ever so slightly on the back burner, HudMo allows a boundless maximalism to fuel the experience. The euphoric chipmunked sample on Ryderz, the invigorating drop on Very First Breath and the starry-eyed boldness of Brand New World all come together for an LP that puts a brand of luminous joy at the forefront. Having pulled in headlines and credits with some of the planet’s biggest names, Lantern proves that Hudson Mohawke deserves the adoration from the other side of the mixing desk. His commitment to this fascinating and cinematically uplifting sound palette places him as one of the UK’s finest talents. This is the record that proves it.

  1. 1 Lantern 1:58 Hudson Mohawke Buy…
  2. 2 Very First Breath (feat. Irfane) 3:04 Hudson Mohawke Buy…
  3. 3 Ryderz 2:42 Hudson Mohawke Buy…
  4. 4 Warriors (feat. Ruckazoid & Devaeux) 4:22 Hudson Mohawke Buy…
  5. 5 Kettles 3:03 Hudson Mohawke Buy…
  6. 6 Scud Books 3:44 Hudson Mohawke Buy…
  7. 7 Indian Steps (feat. Antony) 4:36 Hudson Mohawke Buy…
  8. 8 Lil Djembe 2:34 Hudson Mohawke Buy…
  9. 9 Deepspace (feat. Miguel) 4:13 Hudson Mohawke Buy…
  10. 10 Shadows 2:30 Hudson Mohawke Buy…
  11. 11 Resistance (feat. Jhené Aiko) 3:49 Hudson Mohawke Buy…
  12. 12 Portrait Of Luci 3:12 Hudson Mohawke Buy…
  13. 13 System 4:16 Hudson Mohawke Buy…
  14. 14 Brand New World 3:14 Hudson Mohawke Buy…

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