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Thrill Jockey
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September 2010
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Originally released in 2010 by the wonderful Thrill Jockey, O was Markus Popp’s first oval release in a decade. The cut-and-paste-pioneer of the mid-90s had been suspiciously absent in the 2000s, so the release of O constituted something of a homecoming for an artist whose techniques bore influence on everyone from Flying Lotus to Brandt Brauer Frick. Eschewing his traditional working methods and instead creating via PC plugins, O is a sprawling release that numbers 50 tracks on the second vinyl alone. While the twinkling vignettes of the latter disc blend into a composite whole akin something by Karlheinz Stockhausen, the first half of O contains some of Popp’s most expansive and visceral production.

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  1. 1 Panorama 3:51 oval Buy
  2. 2 Ah! 4:07 oval Buy
  3. 3 Shhh 1:21 oval Buy
  4. 4 Glossy 2:44 oval Buy
  5. 5 Stop Motion 1:10 oval Buy
  6. 6 Sky 2:33 oval Buy
  7. 7 Beige 1:38 oval Buy
  8. 8 Brahms Mania 4:04 oval Buy
  9. 9 Cinematic 2:16 oval Buy
  10. 10 Cry 3:32 oval Buy
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