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Thrill Jockey
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July 2017
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This lush re-release of Oval’s Dok is part of Thrill Jockey’s 25th-anniversary celebrations. Having recently put Oval’s 94 Diskont on vinyl once more, it only seems fair that the subsequent LP by the German ambient pioneers should receive the same treatment. Every track here is a beautifully detailed soundscape, from the softly lilting opener ‘Lens Flared Capital’ to the Caretaker-aping ‘Vitra Desk’, and the group’s way with sound and sample is like few others. Paving the way for so much of the groundbreaking experimental electronic composition of the intervening years, Dok still stands up with the finest almost two decades on from its initial release.

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  1. 1 Lens Flared Capital 5:57 oval Buy
  2. 2 Polygon Medpack 2.0 4:54 oval Buy
  3. 3 Dekon/Rekon Anything 4:02 oval Buy
  4. 4 Bloc 4:40 oval Buy
  5. 5 Reversioning 7:50 oval Buy
  6. 6 Momentan VR 2:28 oval Buy
  7. 7 Standard Audio Frontend 5:08 oval Buy
  8. 8 Vitra Desk 4:27 oval Buy
  9. 9 Class 5:01 oval Buy


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