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Aleksi Perälä
Oscillation 1
Clone Basement Series
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April 3, 2020


Aleksi Perälä may have the most holistic aesthetic of anyone currently working in electronic music. The Finnish producer has again utilised his unique colundi tonal system with which to create his unique new-age-indebted brand of techno. Rather than working with more traditional twelve-tone scales, Perälä’s deference to the 128-frequency colundi setup has opened up an entire new sound for the producer while also giving his music a kind of spiritual balance.

This sense of order is taken even further on the two new Oscillation records that Perälä has delivered for the combined Clone Basement/Dub labels. On the first Oscillation volume Perälä sets all 128 colundi tones to work in order to create perfectly-weighted techno tools which have been especially crafted to run at 33.3 RPM.

It will come as no surprise to find that there is a feeling of infinite motion to these tracks, something helped by some brilliant drum programming. The beats burble and chirrup here in a manner which channels the careful calibrations of Robert Hood and Jeff Mills, their hi-hats and snares recycling patterns atop sturdy kicks. As for the colundi sounds, Perälä goes deeper as Oscillation 1 runs on - while the opening tracks may shimmer with interlocking melodies, the later cuts recall the disorientating atonality of Hood’s seminal Minimal Nation LP.

Aleksi Perälä spins his utopian techno sound out into infinity on Oscillation 1.

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