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Aleksi Perälä
The Colundi Sequence - Volume 1
Clone Basement Series
Catalogue Number
Release Date
June 16, 2017


Black Vinyl Repress:

A full-length offering of science fiction bleep techno from Aleksi Perala for Clone's Basement series, spread across six sides of vinyl following various limited (and highly valuable) level drops on his own Colundi imprint. We have been snapping up as much Colundi tech as we can from Aleksi Perala, each piece of the puzzle offers another glimpse into his fascinating sound world of weightless experiments with particle aligned steel pulse techno that is designed to move minds, feet, and mechanics alike.

The ghosts of ambient works era AFX shadow the melodies within, and the ever spiraling into the ether Colundi Sequence extends through every second. Given that RDJ's Rephlex imprint was home to Aleksi's various guises from Ovuca and Astrobotnia to his partnership with Cylob as Cylobotnia, it's rather fitting that this recalls the more sedate 4x4 AFX experiments.

Each track ripples with a precision-based technicality of raw, computer funk that aligns him in the same sound worlds of near classical experimental dark-edged techno cuts including Sleeparchive's Elephant Island, Function's Reykjavik, Mika Vainio's Olematon and the drained deprived focus of Alessandro Cortini, so if you have a keenness for any of those then you are gonna be in your element here. Colundi Sequence Vol.1 is one of the most memorable and haunting electronic escapes you are likely to experience in 2016.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 UK74R1512110 4:55 Buy
  2. 2 UK74R1406090 5:55 Buy
  3. 3 UK74R1517030 3:35 Buy
  4. 4 UK74R1516030 3:14 Buy
  5. 5 UK74R1512130 5:16 Buy
  6. 6 GBBVT1337152 5:24 Buy
  7. 7 GBBVT1337062 4:37 Buy
  8. 8 UK74R1510069 5:20 Buy
  9. 9 UK74R1512120 4:10 Buy
  10. 10 UK74R1408054 6:14 Buy
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