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Aleksi Perälä
Clone Basement Series
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October 27, 2017


Aleksi Perala sidesteps the Colundi Sequence to arrive deep in Clone's Basement series with a new double album of Simulation Colundi techno and crystal-clear electronica.

Taking his trademark tripping techno up a notch or three, Simulation X is the culmination of the past decade's worth of research that Aleksi has transmitted into labels such as Rephlex and his own AP Musik imprint. These years spent investigating the parameters of each different level within the Colundi universe has crafted an endlessly forming soundtrack of multi-tiered bleep techno that joins the audio DNA dots of AtomTM, Mika Vainio, Function and Robert Hood.

With both feet firmly rooted in the future, Simulation X splices aspects of Aleksi's previous two albums for Clone, from the basement techno of vol.1 to the digi-dub vapour trials of vol.2, yet in Simulation X the particles are largely broken up and pushed outwards, creating an entirely new level of fractured acid techno and subsonic gyro-electro.

Colundi everyone and on and on.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 NLL561606931 4:40 Buy
  2. 2 NLL561606932 5:16 Buy
  3. 3 NLL561606933 4:55 Buy
  4. 4 NLL561606934 4:55 Buy
  5. 5 NLL561606935 4:24 Buy
  6. 6 NLL561606936 4:16 Buy
  7. 7 NLL561606937 5:10 Buy
  8. 8 NLL561606938 7:11 Buy
  9. 9 NLL561606939 4:19 Buy

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