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Martin Bartlett
Anecdotal Electronics: Live experiments & other recordings
Arc Light Editions
Catalogue Number
Release Date
April 26, 2019


Martin Bartlett hasn’t been afforded the posthumous praise of his modern classical peers and influences, with remarkably little information on his work readily available — a travesty Arc Light Editions seeks to doctor with Anecdotal Electronics: Live Experiments and Other Recordings, the first major overview of the Canadian master’s pioneering works. Born in 1939 and taken too soon by AIDS-related causes in 1993, this compilation burns with the fire of Bartlett’s vivacity, bridging gaps between conceptual performance work and electronic composition.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Quarry (Edit) 0:18 Buy
  2. 2 Muscle Music (Edit) 6:51 Buy

    Muscle Music (Edit)

  3. 3 Humors Accompaniment 2 (Live) 1:02 Buy

    Humors Accompaniment 2 (Live)

  4. 4 Humors Accompaniment 3 (Live) 1:47 Buy

    Humors Accompaniment 3 (Live)

  5. 5 Humors Accompaniment 4 (Live) 1:10 Buy

    Humors Accompaniment 4 (Live)

  6. 6 Time Passing X (Edit) 7:32 Buy

    Time Passing X (Edit)

  7. 7 More Lines from Chuang Tzu (Edit) 2:03 Buy

    More Lines from Chuang Tzu (Edit)

  8. 8 Pulse Material G Major (Live) 1:26 Buy

    Pulse Material G Major (Live)

  9. 9 Three Songs featuring Dan Shiedt + Doug Collinge (Live) 4:40 Buy

    Three Songs featuring Dan Shiedt + Doug Collinge (Live)

  10. 10 Amsterdam Variations (Live) 4:24 Buy

    Amsterdam Variations (Live)

  11. 11 Buchla Bartlett Duo (Edit) 4:35 Buy

    Buchla Bartlett Duo (Edit)

  12. 12 Electronic Recalcitrant (Live) 1:40 Buy

    Electronic Recalcitrant (Live)

  13. 13 Marginalia (Edit) 1:03 Buy

    Marginalia (Edit)

  14. 14 Humors Song (Live) 1:40 Buy

    Humors Song (Live)

  15. 15 Humors Accompaniment 5 (Live) 1:49 Buy

    Humors Accompaniment 5 (Live)

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