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Anecdotal Electronics: Live experiments & other recordings
Martin Bartlett
Anecdotal Electronics: Live experiments & other recordings
Arc Light Editions
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April 2019
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Martin Bartlett hasn’t been afforded the posthumous praise of his modern classical peers and influences, with remarkably little information on his work readily available — a travesty Arc Light Editions seeks to doctor with Anecdotal Electronics: Live Experiments and Other Recordings, the first major overview of the Canadian master’s pioneering works. Born in 1939 and taken too soon by AIDS-related causes in 1993, this compilation burns with the fire of Bartlett’s vivacity, bridging gaps between conceptual performance work and electronic composition.

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  1. 1 Quarry (Edit) 0:18 Martin Bartlett Buy
  2. 2 Muscle Music (Edit) 6:51 Martin Bartlett Buy
  3. 3 Humors Accompaniment 2 (Live) 1:02 Martin Bartlett Buy
  4. 4 Humors Accompaniment 3 (Live) 1:47 Martin Bartlett Buy
  5. 5 Humors Accompaniment 4 (Live) 1:10 Martin Bartlett Buy
  6. 6 Time Passing X (Edit) 7:32 Martin Bartlett Buy
  7. 7 More Lines from Chuang Tzu (Edit) 2:03 Martin Bartlett Buy
  8. 8 Pulse Material G Major (Live) 1:26 Martin Bartlett Buy
  9. 9 Three Songs featuring Dan Shiedt + Doug Collinge (Live) 4:40 Martin Bartlett Buy
  10. 10 Amsterdam Variations (Live) 4:24 Martin Bartlett Buy
  11. 11 Buchla Bartlett Duo (Edit) 4:35 Martin Bartlett Buy
  12. 12 Electronic Recalcitrant (Live) 1:40 Martin Bartlett Buy
  13. 13 Marginalia (Edit) 1:03 Martin Bartlett Buy
  14. 14 Humors Song (Live) 1:40 Martin Bartlett Buy
  15. 15 Humors Accompaniment 5 (Live) 1:49 Martin Bartlett Buy

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